Unleash your energy!

Kirax® Reflex’s ergonomic orthotics allow you to channel and increase your reflex energy! This latest technology, created by Dr. André Brossard, chiropractor, consists of applying specific and natural, light pressure on the skin, thus increasing the flow of neurological information to the brain.

Gradually, you will experience some stimulating and energetic benefits that will help reduce fatigue and certain physical pains. Reflex Kirax® orthotics allow you to optimize your energy while increasing your body’s strength, concentration and endurance. In addition, our products help prevent injuries due to repetitive and restrictive strain injuries (RSI) by amplifying the percentage of your body’s motor reflex during your daily activities and sports.

Working from home

Reduce fatigue while working at home by increasing your natural energy and concentration with our Reflex Kirax® technology products.


Optimize your workouts and physical performance with our new Reflex Kirax® ergonomics technology.


Ensure the well-being and performance of your employees by wearing our Reflex Kirax® orthotics and integrate an ergonomic system adapted to your company’s needs.

Our Reflex Kirax® technology allows you to stimulate the body’s neurological system in a unique way to improve your quality of life. Reflex Kirax® increases your strength, endurance, balance and reflexes while reducing your fatigue, pain and risk of injuries due to repetitive and restrictive strain injuries (RSI). Eventually, it gives you a sense of well-being by increasing your body’s overall energy.

This innovative technology has undergone thorough testing and has been integrated into bracelets and stockings, and is designed to maximize your comfort. (See references in About us)

*Approved by Health Canada

Dr. André Brossard, chiropractor and sports medicine consultant, has been conducting specialized research on pain and phantom limbs since 1990. Thanks to this new medical technology, Kirax® Reflex technology allows you to channel and increase your reflex energy!

« The quality of our reflexes increases our confort and well-being. »

Do you have the right reflexes?

Dr andré brossard D.c.

How does Kirax® Reflex technology work?

Reflex Kirax® orthotics allow specific and natural mechanical stimulation (light pressure on the skin) that increases the flow of neurological information to the brain. This new information to the brain stimulates neurological alertness; that is, the brain, in response to the skin stimulation, sends more reflexes, more strength and more endurance back to the muscles.

Benefits and well-being:

  • Helps reduce physical fatigue
  • Helps reduce pain (during and after activity)
  • Helps reduce the risk of injury 
  • Helps prevent problems related to repetitive and restrictive strain injuries (RSI)

 Performance and energy:

  • Increased strengh
  • Increased endurance
  • More balance
  • More reflexes
  • Better concentration
  • Better muscle response



« Together, we can create a world of well-being! »

Dr André Brossard D.C.



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